Articles & Press

The Guardian (19 Jul 2014)

Ask a grown-up: why do we have two nostrils?

The Mirror (10 Oct 2013)

Rugby hero Ben Cohen: I was worried my hearing aid might fly out on Strictly!

BBC (17 Apr 2013)

Mr Wareing examines Jeremy Vine for the BBC and their series on the Human Voice

Mr Wareing performs endoscopy to view Jeremy Vine's voice box

Tatler Doctors Guide 2013

Tatler Doctors Guide 2013

First Eleven Magazine (Summer 2012)

Leading Lights: Michael Wareing, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Marylebone Journal (Feb/Mar 2012)

A Word In Your Ear

Daily Mail (11 Aug 2009)

Dizzy spells? Noises in your ear? At last, there's an end to your torment

Daily Mail (2 June 2009)

What on earth is THAT for? Give hayfever the flick

Daily Mail (Tue, 31 Mar 2009)

MEDICAL MISCELLANY; Why do my eyes and nose run when I eat spicy food?

The Guardian (1 Jun 2008)

What you can do to cut the risks of noise-related deafness

Daily Mail (Tue, 26 Oct 2004)

SUFFERING SINUSES! They Are Mere Air Pockets in the Skull. No One Knows What They're for - but They Will Cause Most of Us Pain Good Health

Press Releases

Deafness Research UK (Sep 2012)

London MAMIL’s done wheel good for charity: Surgeon rides to raise a record £11,000 for Deafness Research UK