Insurance & Payment

Mr Wareing is recognised by all the major medical insurance companies (BUPA, BUPA International, AXA PPP, Norwich Union (Aviva), WPA, Standard Life, Pruhealth Cigna, Saga, Medisure etc.) and has direct payment facilities with most of them. However, patients are strongly advised to contact their Insurance Company prior to their appointment to confirm their cover and to obtain a preauthorisation number which will ease the reimbursement process.

Mr Wareing is a BUPA Premier Consultant.

Please bring the details of your Insurance Cover when you attend your appointment (Membership no., Group or Company no. as relevant.) With preauthorisation we are usually able to communicate directly with the Insurance Company on your behalf. Without preauthorisation, bringing proof of Insurance Cover may help in direct billing of your Insurance Company. In some circumstances payment on the day is preferred.

We accept Cash, Personal Cheque and all major Credit and Debit Cards. (Credit card payments are subject to a small handling charge). A receipted invoice is available to claim reimbursement from 3rd parties or Insurance Companies where appropriate.

Initial Consultation £240
Follow Up Consultation £160

Routine Outpatient Procedures:
Microsuction/Aural Toilet: £110
Videolaryngoscopy: £210
Flexible Nasendoscopy (+video): £210
Endoscopy of nose: £120
Nasal Cauterisation: £110
Air Conduction Audiogram: £60
Tympanogram: £60

CMA Remedy compliance statement

The CMA ask that all patients be provided with the following statement. If you choose to see me we will endeavour to let you have this in individual format unless it is an urgent consultation or you do not have email.

"Thank you for choosing to see me in my Office at 145 Harley Street (The London Clinic) for your outpatient consultation. This letter sets out information that I am required by law to provide to you. This is for your information only and is not an invoice. As this includes information about my charges, if you do not have private medical insurance but someone else will be paying your invoice, you may wish to pass a copy of this letter to them. Please note that even if someone else is paying your invoice or you have private medical insurance, you are personally responsible for paying any charges that they do not pay.

Consultation Fees

My fee for an initial consultation will not exceed £250 and my fee for any follow-up consultation within 6 months for the same condition will not exceed £170.

Following your consultation you may need certain tests (such as blood tests or imaging services) to help me diagnose your condition. These tests will be undertaken by the other providers and not by me. The fees for those tests will be determined by those other providers and charged to you, or directly to your private medical insurer, separately.

If there are any fees I will charge in relation to any tests or procedures, I will advise you.

Private Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurer before your consultation, to check the terms of your policy, particularly the level and type of outpatient cover you have, including any reimbursement limits on individual consultation fees as well as cover for costs made by The London Clinic should you require any tests.

I am recognised by the following private medical insurers:

BUPA, AXA PPP, Healix, Cigna, Aviva, Vitality, WPA, Simply Health, Exeter Friendly, Allianz, GeoBlue.

Please note you are responsible for any fees not covered by your insurer including any 'shortfalls'.

Financial Interests

I am legally obliged to inform you that I have a financial interest in the equipment I co-own in my offices at 145 Harley Street.

Quality Information

You can compare independent information about the quality of private treatment offered at this Hospital and other private healthcare providers from the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) website:

I look forward to welcoming you to 145 Harley Street and doing my best to help you."