MJW operatingMr Wareing chooses to perform the majority of his private operating at The London Clinic.

Base of Skull or Acoustic Neuroma Surgery that is performed jointly with Mr Ian Sabin, his Neurosurgical Colleague is usually performed at The Wellington Hospital. Paediatric ENT in very young children is performed at The Portland Hospital.

Mr Wareing also has admitting rights at a number of other Central London/West End Private Hospitals and admission to these can be arranged if particularly desired.

The schedule for your operation will be arranged with you in discussion with Mr Wareing's secretary. Mr Wareing has a scheduled operating session at the London Clinic on Friday mornings. The majority of cases are performed as day cases although facilities are available for overnight (or longer) stays as necessary. Operations outside these sessions are possible and we aim to be flexible.

However we may be constrained by other influences, in particular the availability of operating theatre space.