Outpatient Procedures

A number of tests may be performed by Mr Wareing within an appointment:

Hearing Tests: Audiometry & Tympanometry

Hearing testPure Tone Audiometry is the standard assessment of hearing. This is performed in a sound proofed booth on calibrated instrumentation. Tympanometry is a measure of middle ear function and frequently helps diagnosis. This is a quick and painless investigation and may also be performed.

Microsuction & Aural Toilet

This involves the cleaning of the ear under the microscope, usually with a small sucker to remove wax and debris. This allows a clearer view of the eardrum and aids in diagnosis. It is also frequently therapeutic. The safe and effective performance of this procedure needs many of the skills required for microsurgery of the ear. Mr Wareing has performed this on many thousands of patients.


EndoscopyMr Wareing is able to perform outpatient endoscopy. This is either endoscopy of the nose using rigid nasal endoscopes, or flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy. Rigid nasal endoscopy affords a good view of the nasal cavity and the back of the nose. It also allows a view of the sinus openings into the nasal cavity which aids in the diagnosis of sinusitis and other sinus problems. Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy allows a view of the throat and voicebox (larynx) as well as a view of the nasal cavity. Mr Wareing will decide in discussion with you, the most appropriate way of examining your upper airways. Preparation of the airways may include the use of decongestant spray and a local anaesthetic.


VideolaryngostroboscopyThis is a specialized investigation that affords an excellent view of the larynx and the vocal cords. The stroboscope allows a detailed examination of the ‘wave’ of the vocal cords and is useful in the diagnosis of hoarseness and other voice problems. The images are computerised and showing them on the screen is very helpful in patient understanding of what the problem might be. This examination may be performed with a throat spray of local anaesthetic, although some patients do not find this necessary.

Stage doorIt is of note that this investigation is not routinely available at many other ENT clinics as the equipment is so specialised. However, in addition to those presenting with throat or voice problems, the videolaryngostroboscope is particularly valued by actors and performers who are able to see for themselves the condition of their larynx and throat. A computerised record is kept for comparison at future consultations and a CD of the results is available for the patient if requested.