Referral Letters

It is usually expected that prior to your appointment Mr Wareing will have received a referral from your GP or from another referring surgeon or physician. This can either be faxed or E mailed to Mr Wareing (see contact details.) If your GP has given you the letter to pass on, please present it to Mr Wareing’s secretary upon arrival. Some patients come to see Mr Wareing on personal recommendation from friends or colleagues. In such circumstances it is preferable that Mr Wareing communicates with your GP as this ensures he is aware of all relevant medical details. If you have other medical reports or test or investigation results please bring them along - it will help to avoid unnecessary duplication and will guide appropriate tests where necessary.

Mr Wareing and patientMr Wareing regularly sees patients visiting from overseas, often on Embassy recommendation. Please let us know if you require an interpreter. This can usually be arranged but the interpreter will charge a fee. The London Clinic has an International Office which may also help with this process.