Bilateral Cholesteatoma

"I was suffering from very bad pulsing (like a train at times) and hissing noises in my head, so much so that I was unable to sleep properly at all. If I woke in the night it was extremely hard to get back to sleep. Thankfully I was referred to Mike Wareing by a local ear specialist. Mike investigated the condition and realised that I had a Cholesteatoma in both ears, which has very serious potential consequences if left untreated. After three very successful operations, one on my left ear and two on my right, my hearing is good and the horrendous ear noise I was suffering has gone. I cannot thank Mike enough for his incredible skill during the operations and for giving me my quality of life back. His care, advice, patience and skill are second to none."

- Mr D.E.

Bilateral Tympanic Membrane Perforation

"I had a 95% perforation in both of my eardrums for 28 years, which means there was just 5% of the actual eardrum left. The experience with perforated eardrum was a nightmare of my life because not just I had issues with my hearing which effected me in school, college, work and at home watching TV, but it also made me uncomfortable with infections and liquid discharge coming out of my ears, going to beach/swimming pool I always had to make sure my ears are fully sealed before I go swimming. It was nightmare, I just wished that it could disappear. I discovered that I have 70-80% chance to heal the perforation through surgery and I decided to start with my right ear couple of years ago with different doctor which failed. I was in a very distressed position to do anything further. My wife discovered and read a lot about Dr. Wareing profile and I decided to visit him for consultation. Although I went to consultation negatively thinking that I won't be convinced to have another surgery. Anyway having visited Dr Wareing at his clinic he made me think again to reconsider the option, although he also gave me 70-80% chance of success, but he explained me how he would do the surgery differently from previous experience. I had my right ear surgery with Dr Wareing in September 2012 and left one in April 2013. My right ear is fully recovered and experience of having a fully functional ear is amazing. Also infection free feels so comfortable. Almost all my life I struggled with it and now it's just miracle. My left ear is still in healing process and I'm in hope to be fully recovered by next year. I definitely recommend and have already recommended Dr. Wareing for few of my friends who had similar problems and they all praise him on his great work."

- Mr O.R. (Nov 2013)

'Having suffered from chronic ear infections for five years, constantly taking oral and topical antibiotics, I was growing increasingly impatient with treatment, not to mention the near constant pain in both ears. Having found Mr Wareing through his website, I attended his clinic and he attempted to understand the root cause of my infections. He took a different approach to treating the infections. Within a couple of weeks the symptoms had improved for the first time in five years, and after six weeks my ears had returned to normal. I am delighted to say that they have remained trouble-free and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I cannot recommend Mr Wareing highly enough. His approach is extremely logical and pragmatic, I completely trusted in his ability to cure my problem and the quality of care he provides is first rate.'

- Mr S.B.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Septoplasty

'I am writing to convey my sincere thanks to you and your team for the outcome of my operation. I had been suffering with severe sinus problems for over 30 years and had even had a major sinus operation about 20 years ago which provided short term relief but did nothing to solve the problem in the long term. After many years of discomfit, the inability to breath properly through my nose, almost no sense of smell and generally a lowering of my quality of life, I now feel rejuvenated. I am now able to breathe freely through my nose and my sense of smell is greatly improved. This has significantly enhanced my quality of life and my general sense of well being for which I am extremely grateful.'

- Mr D.S.

Sinus Surgery

'The operation you performed on me in January has been a complete success and I am now free of the headaches I used to get and also the pain in my face'

- Mr D.N.

Sinus Surgery and Nasal Polyp Excision

'I would hereby like to express my thanks to you and your team for helping me overcome my suffering for the last three years.I had been coughing and sneezing almost non stop. In my capacity as a teacher and speaker it obviously disturbed me and my listeners enormously. When I travelled abroad I had to have medical treatment and could not do what I was supposed to. Thank God my GP sent me to you and from the first visit I already felt better. Now after your surgery I feel a different person. Also my attendants to my lectures are amazed and happy. May you and your team keep in good health'

- Mr L.R.

Exploratory tympanotomy with ear canal cholesteatoma, tympanoplasty and ossiculoplasty

'I ruptured my ear drum when I was 8 after a long haul flight from Delhi to LA. I had learnt to live with impaired hearing but kept seeing doctors intermittently for a cure. After more than two decades, many surgeons, ear drops, medicines and two failed surgeries in India, my hearing in my left ear did not improve. I moved to the UK for work and met a few doctors for advice. I was recommended to see Mr. Wareing by an ENT specialist at London Bridge Hospital - the best piece of advice I had in a long time. He did not promise any miracles or offered any guarantees, unlike my last two surgeons who had assured that my hearing would come back post surgery. But he did say “I would like to operate and hopefully the hearing should improve”. I dilly dallied for two years as I did not want to go under the knife for the third time with poor results. But with diminishing hearing, which was impacting my confidence and the threat of using a hearing aid looming, I met Mr. Wareing and agreed for an operation. Post-surgery recovery was far quicker than my earlier two operations. On 5th Jan 2009, I visited his clinic to have my bandages removed. I did not have any expectations as my previous failed surgeries had made me slightly cynical. But I was still very anxious and said a little prayer when Mr. Wareing carefully removed the bandages and cleaned my ear. The first thing he said “Can you hear me?” And it felt as if someone was speaking on a loudspeaker. I replied, “Can you please speak softer”. He smiled and gave thumbs up to my partner who was standing by the door looking very worried. I could hear everything clearly and everything seemed so loud. I wanted to hug him but restrained myself. He asked me to visit him after a week for check-up and hearing test. As I walked back home, I could hear footsteps, the rustling of leaves, the wind, people talking and realised the sounds I had missed for so long. I went back home, overwhelmed with the noisy world around me, and locked myself in the room only to be disturbed by the ticking of my bedside clock and wept tears of joy. It took a while to get accustomed to the “new” world and understanding sounds never heard before. I had my hearing test subsequently and it came out almost normal. I had never imagined that someone would be able to restore my hearing and faith in ENT surgeons. For me Mr. Michael Wareing would always be the “man with the healing touch”.'

- Mr M.S.

Stapedectomy for otosclerosis

‘I am writing to convey my sincere thanks to Mr Wareing and his team in ENT for the outcome of my operation, and the care provided. You performed a stapedectomy on my right ear at St Bartholomews. The improvement to my hearing has been dramatic. Since the beginning of December, the improvement has been so marked in my right ear that I have not needed to wear hearing aids in either ear in any setting. This has improved the quality of my life significantly. I have worn hearing aids in both ears continuously since my early 20s when I was diagnosed with otosclerosis. The improvement has far exceeded my expectations and not needing to wear aids at all has been fantastic. I would like to compliment all the staff involved in my clinical care on the day and prior to my admission in clinic. Everyone in the team including the pre-admission nurse, ward staff, the recovery team, the anaesthetist and the surgeons were excellent. I have never undergone an operation before and so was nervous, but the staff gave me a careful explanation of what to expect and answered all my queries. Apart for some initial dizziness and tiredness, I suffered no side effects at all. I was very impressed by the professionalism of all the staff.'

- Ms G.